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Airtect at PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO 2019 on Plasgrom S.A Exhibition Stand

AIRTECT with the AJSolutions Team at AJS OPEN HOUSE 2019

Airtect with the VGT Team and others at Plastpol 2018

Airtect on VGT Polska Stand at Plastpol 2018

Airtect at NPE 2018

Airtect on PLASTIXS Stand at NPE 2018 with Mickey Blyskal, Claudette Corneau and Paul Skavicus from Plastixs LLC.

Airtect on the 4Moulding Stand at Kunststoffen 2017, Netherlands.

Airtect on Plasgrom Stand at PLASTIMAGEN 2017, Mexico.

Nickerson PMS Stand with Airtect at Interplas 2017

Airtect DEMO on Nickerson PMS Stand at Interplas 2017

Airtect at NPE 2015

Airtect at AJSolutions B.V Open House Expo

Airtect on Mouldshop (4Moulding) stand

Gerry Kennedy from Airtect with David Felix Troche and Enrique Estrada of Plasgrom S.A at K16 after agreement for distribution of Airtect Products in Mexico and South America

Gerry Kennedy from Airtect and Marian Stanienda from VGT Polska at K16 after agreement for distribution of Airtect Products in Poland

Gerry Kennedy from Airtect and Mickey Blyskal of Plastixs LLC at K16 after agreeing distribution agreement for USA.

Airtect at Plasty a Formy 2017, Brno, Czech Republic with Jan Svoboda

Airtect on AJSolutions Stand

Airtect in collaboration with Gammaflux GmbH at Fakuma Show

Airtect at Arburg Show in co-operation with AJSolutions

Airtect/Kenex Stand at Medtec IRELAND

Antoine Bidet (BMS) and Gerry Kennedy (Airtect) agree Business Moulding Systems as Airtect Distributor for Spain at Equiplast 08

Jose Luis Moreno (Business Moulding Systems) shakes hands with Gerry Kennedy (Airtect) after distribution agreement is agreed.

Airtect on BMS Stand at Equiplast

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